PD. POL. ADV. By Dennis Miller 185 Bella Vista Dr. N. Scottsboro, AL 35768

             You will find the top issues Dennis Miller has taken a stand on throughout his campaign as Sheriff for Jackson County. The issues listed below are only a few of the critical topics Dennis Miller would like to address as Sheriff.

             While the meth problem in Jackson County is significant, the Sheriff’s Department can not afford to look over the remaining issues such as Domestic Violence and Child Safety.

             Dennis Miller’s experience in the second highest position at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department has provided him with an understanding of the changes that need to be made with in the department and the county. With your help on July 18th, he can do accomplish these plans!

Alex Miller

Domestic Violence & Child Abuse

             Dennis Miller realizes the importance of combating domestic violence and child abuse. Spousal domestic violence can often times include child abuse and neglect, whether it be physical, mental or sexual.

             Miller will educate the department and it’s deputies to recognize domestic violence when answering calls and to report the details of their observances from the moment they arrive. The deputies will be trained and encouraged to be more empathetic to victims and explain to them the resources available to the victim.

             Miller will work closely with organizations such as the Jackson County Coalition Against Domestic Violence, SART and DHR, helping to inform the victims that there is hope and relief from this plague.


War on Drugs

             As Chief Deputy, Dennis Miller has learned from citizens throughout Jackson County of the devastating impact crystal meth has had on their family. This is truly an epidemic that must be addressed quickly and forcefully.

             Dennis Miller will continue the daily fight to combat crystal meth and other illegal drugs so widely abused in Jackson County. Nearly every person in this county knows of someone who has seen and/or felt the ill effects of crystal meth and other drugs on their families.

             Miller will continue to provide the citizens of Jackson County with the education to help fight this war and continue to educate the people of the dangerous impact of crystal meth. He is more than aware of the drug problem in Jackson County and his first priority in his fight against drugs will be to address every issue related to this problem and work to solve them from beginning to end.


Sexual Abuse/Predators/Offenders

             Dennis Miller has been registering sex offenders for many years as Chief Deputy and through the years he has been working on a plan to better protect your family against such persons. Miller’s plan will be to make available the information, along with a photo, of every registered sex offender who resides in Jackson County.

             The citizens of Jackson County have a right to know when a sex offender moves into this county in order to better protect their children and family from these people. Miller will also work closely with sexual abuse organizations to help teach the community of ways to help prevent sexual abuse. He will also train the Sheriff’s Department staff with learning how to deal with sensitive situations that involve sexual abuse to protect the victim and be able to get the victims the help they need in such a traumatic event.

             Miller will also begin working with local, state and federal officials to strengthen the laws when it comes to sex offenders from the moment they are tried and convicted.


School Resource Officers

             Dennis Miller has been instrumental in bringing the School Resource Officers (SROs) into the schools of Jackson County. These officers provide our children and faculty with the safety and security they deserve while in such an environment.

             Four years ago, Miller applied for and was granted a federal grant that would allow for salaries and benefits to be allocated for six SROs. Miller will continue his fight to maintain those officers to continue providing our children with a secure atmosphere while learning in our county school system. He will continue to work closely with the Jackson County School Board to accomplish his plan for a safe place to educate our children.


Courthouse Security

             Dennis Miller has a plan to protect the employees and citizens of Jackson County when conducting business within the walls of the courthouse. In light of the recent event on the grounds of the Jackson County Square, Miller’s concerns were reinforced with a need for courthouse security.

             The plan Miller has can be implemented within one month of it’s acceptance. Miller’s plan will help to give the employees and citizens a better sense of security. He will work with the Jackson County Commission to begin work on this project.


Department Staffing

             Dennis Miller has worked diligently with the Jackson County Commissioners in acquiring additional funding for more deputies and jailers to staff the Sheriff’s Department. He will continue his dedication to hire additional officers to better serve the citizens of Jackson County with a stronger presence of law enforcement in every community.

             Miller will also focus on the smaller communities, often overshadowed, and work to provide better and higher law enforcement standards in those areas. He will also work toward establishing annexes in outlying communities and look into restructuring the uniformed division schedule to better accommodate the needs of the citizens.